Helpful Q & A




(You will be amazed at the answers that you receive and definately have a better understanding of what you are getting & to show you that we are the ONLY luxury based studio's in the Chicagoland, Baton Rouge & Orange County area!!)

**We have put these questions together to help you in your interviewing process! This is a Once-in-a Lifetime experience and a considerable Investment so you want to make sure that your expectations are met. (You don't know how many times a day we get calls from girls that have had terrible and disappointing experiences with other photographers and WISH that they known to ask these questions!)

  • Where will my photo session take place? Note (VERY IMPORTANT) FYI.....**We DO NOT have you come take pictures in our home's basement/garage/shed and we DO NOT allow men at our photo shoots! We have a strictly 100% ALL Female staff
  • How Much will it Cost me to Rent the Hotel room for our shoot? What hotel are we going to be using? Do you have a studio and may I see recent pictures or the interior and all the different rooms and sets that are available? Note {In Chicago/Naperville, Baton Rouge & Orange County, we are the only company that has 7500 SQ FT of dedicated Boudoir Exclusive luxury studio's with built in Salons called FROSTED. You will NEVER come to our basement or a cheesy/sleazy hotel room since it is against the law to run a boudoir business out of a hotel and we don't want you to get thrown out of the hotel during your shoot}
  • What kind of real furniture do you use - or do you use old school backdrops? How many rooms & sets do you have for our shoot?
  • What style of boudoir photography is offered? (Nude, Pin up, Modern, 1940’s Boudoir, or european photography?)Note {We offer more of a high end Victorias Secret type of experience}
  • What is the minimum purchase I need to make after my session?
  • Will ALL of my proofs be FULLY EDITED or is there an extra charge for this?
  • How many Boudoir shoots has the company completed since they have started? 3000+
  • Are all the Hair & Makeup artists licensed professionals?
  • How long will it take for proofs to be edited after my session?
  • On average how many "good" pictures are going to be shown to me after my session?
  • What style of airbrushing is done?
  • If I'd like to get an album, how much will this cost and how many pictures are in the album?
  • What if I choose to keep my gallery private from websites or Facebook
  • **Last tid bit of advice-- "You get what you pay for!" If something looks cheesy, out of date, sceptical, priced Way to Low, then you have probably NOT found the boudoir photographer for you!


---Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography provides a unique luxurious experience that you can not replicate anywhere else. We are artist's helping you achieve a keepsake item, so that 30 years from now, you can look back and remember how HOT you were and be Proud of the Experience you had! | | 312.800.3540